About the author:
Vince Rocca is a true entrepreneur, the latch key kid of a lower middle class salesman and an insurance agent, he mastered the art of risk taking and risk management at an early age.

At 14 Vince was making upwards of $1000 a weekend spinning records at house parties. Bored with school and fat with 'DJ' cash, he dropped out of the ninth grade. At 16, realizing house parties wasn't a career, he got a job as a retail stock clerk. Within 2 years he was managing the company's third largest store and bought an investment home. At 21 Vince cashed out of his home to open his own retail store. With a thriving retail business under his belt, it was time to pursue his passion for filmmaking. He took some profits and started an indie video production company with his friend and co-producer, Michael Hutchinson.

Business wasn't always successful. In fact there was a point when the video company was near bankrupt. But thanks to swift action and a lucky phone call, the company went from $700 in the hole to $125,000 in less then 5 days. The profits from this sale would become the seed money for independent filmKisses and Caroms.

Since Vince was a dropout, film school was not an option, but thanks to a video camera purchased when he was 16 and the advancements in computer technology, he started editing little projects. Slowly upgrading equipment to master new techniques, he became a self-taught editor.

Vince began reading every filmmaking book he could get his hands on and listening to indie film dvd commentaries. Then he received a brochure for the Dov S-S Simens film school claiming to teach the nuts and bolts of filmmaking in two days. He might have tossed it, but the brochure listed Quentin Tarantino, Guy Ritchie and Chris Nolan, as some of its alumni. If they could do it, why couldn't he do it?

After attending this indie film boot camp, Vince hammered out a 92 page script and Kisses and Caroms was born. Since then he has been working steadily in the entertainment business. In addition to the 14 indie titles Vince has distributed into the marketplace, he has also produced a few independent movies, ghost written a few Hollywood scripts, as well as directed & produced the 18 hour program The Secrets to Distribution, which teaches the in and outs of the film distribution business.

Vince currently resides in Southern California with his childhood sweetheart Deanna. They have been happily married for over 10 years and together for over 20 years. They have no children but many animals, some which can be seen throughout the movie.